World Party – Goodbye Jumbo

“Don’t forget this moment. Promise yourself you will never forget this moment.”  I have uttered that phrase to myself countless times over the course of my life.  However, I can probably remember only 10 of those instances with full clarity.  Pretty sad huh?  I hope that’s normal and not some marker of early onset dementia.  This album reflects one of those very important moments in my life.  Also, it will mark my first foray into my beloved BritPop collection.  I listen to alot of musical genres but BritPop and early 2000’s indie are my constants.

I think it’s blatantly clear my Camusian absurdist approach to life if you ever have the displeasure of getting to know me.  However, this post is not about suffering.  This post is about the simple joys we take for granted.  The beauty and happiness that actually exist among and beyond the suffering.  I got into World Party naturally.  Any deep dive into BritPop will eventually guide you to Goodbye Jumbo.  It is a force. A grower AND a shower.  “So what about that moment?”

The stressors of life naturally take up too much residency in our minds or maybe my mind.  In the summertime (which is 11 months in New Orleans), my daughter wants to go swimming every day in our pool after school.  Many of those days I will make some excuse like I’m too tired or have not finished my work etc.  Please note, “swimming” is a loose term with Jojo.  Swimming gears more towards full combat with her.  Essentially, I have a remora on me at all times with a bullwhip.  However, one particular day, I remember saying to myself, “none of these stressors truly matter, and the ones that do; they can certainly wait.”  Get out there and have some fun with your beautiful, amazing kid!

I cranked Goodbye Jumbo on the outdoor speakers.  Set the album to repeat and thrashed 10,000 gallons for a couple of hours.  Colors, Marco Polo, Dive calls, endless body launches…we did it all.  We laughed non-stop.  Goodbye Jumbo was the perfect soundtrack.  As we were drying off, smiling, I remember telling myself “Don’t forget this moment Becker.” Enjoy the innocence and remarkability that is childhood.  It was such a simple yet powerfully happy moment in my timeline. There have been hundreds of other swims and will be thousands more, but I will bot forget this particular day.

Karl Wallinger, formerly of the underrated Waterboys, is World Party.  Wallinger balances rhythmic simplicity with some beautiful upbeat melody and winding guitar work.  He addresses some very complex topics but manages to do so in an uplifting manner.  Clear hat tips to The Beatles throughout the album.  There are a few moments where you may go, “Is this a Flight of the Conchords track?” when Wallinger sings in certain registers. But the album rewards. 

Fittingly Goodbye Jumbo’s title and cover pic is a nod to elephant extinction.  We can apply that to humanity.  We’re all melting ice cubes (just beating the water theme in here) on a long, hot summer day. Ephemerality.  Make more time for memorable, fun moments.  Adventures are also great but the little moments are just as dynamic.  “Give yourself a break, everything’s alright” – “Is It Too Late,” track 1.

Favorite Tracks: “Way Down Now” “Put The Message In The Box” “When The Rainbow Comes” “God On My Side”  Hell, I love it all.

Pressing: Ensign 210 556. Europe Original Pressing. 1990.