The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

This album contains my pick for THE GREATEST TRACK OF THE 2010’s DECADE!  The beauty of Sirius XM radio is that 1) there are no commercials 2) depending on the channel you choose, you hear a much wider array of music than what is available on regular FM radio, and finally, which is also a weakness, 3) Sirius plays the same songs over and over and over again.  Your mom and I were newish in our relationship at this point and went on a beach trip to 30A.  I was absolutely obsessed with this album at that time, much to her dismay.  She’s much more a 2000’s pop and rap fan.  EEK.  The drive was about 5 hours and I think we heard “Red Eyes” at least 10 times over 3 stations on the trip.  It drove her absolutely nuts, but I was elated each and every time I heard it and I still am today when the track plays.  Sidenote: it rained the whole weekend.  We never once stepped foot on the beach.  A lot of Board games….alot more “Red Eyes.”

How can an album written about depression and loneliness make another person feel so happy and cheerful?  One of the beauties of music.  Lyrically, this is a very dark album as Adam Granduciel paints a picture of paranoia, suffering, and existential ennui.  The track names themselves are a cry for help.  However, the songs and the sonic elements are so sweeping, fervent, and vibrant which create a bipolar complexity.  The vox is mixed low and can sound like mumbling so it can be hard to really make out what Granduciel is actually saying.  In my head, that was the purpose.  For him, the music, the process of writing this album, and the creation of something so beautiful from such inner pain is just a self-portrait.  Every person lives in 2 worlds Jo.  The one in their own heads and the one in the outside world.  You will have low moments, maybe even years but it will always get better.  It will pass.  Find your “music.”

I could probably write a book about “Red Eyes” and “An Ocean Between The Waves” but fortunately for you and moreso your mom, I’m not!  While LITD draws so many comparisons to an allegorical Springsteen work, I don’t agree.  The guitar and synth work on this Drugs album is just so much more incisive than anything on any Springsteen record.  Lost In The Dream is a masterpiece in my regard so I hope you will enjoy it.  It’s an accomplice to every emotion. “Wooo!”

There were some amazing albums coming out of Philadelphia at this time as rock was seemingly dying.  Check out Kurt Vile, Strand of Oaks, Waxahatchee, Low Cut Connie, Sheer Mag, Hop Along, Dr. Dog.  Enjoy!

Favorite Tracks: “Under the Pressure” “Red Eyes” “An Ocean In Between The Waves” “In Reverse”

Pressing: 2014 Original Pressing. Secretly Canadian. SC310