Philip Glass – Solo Piano

It’s Sunday Morning and we will be getting rain all day long.  Close to 3 inches.  Sunday mornings call for one type of album while Rainy Days call for another, albeit similar for my tastes.  We’re 3 weeks to Hogs.  This isn’t the weather to put that anxiety at ease.  El Nino has been its usual dominant wet self this winter and into Spring. The Nino has lorded over most of our foul weather Hogs years.  Limited in what I can do, sometimes it’s quite nice just to watch the rain fall and do only that.  

Philip Glass is a master of minimalism and an expert crafter of arpeggios.  He has an uncanny ability to lull.  This album is the perfect edge eraser.  51 minutes of blissful piano.  We have a play on Kafka’s Metamorphosis in 5 parts. I, typically, share the same plight as Gregor Samsa leading up to the festival.  I become altered inward and outward.  I let anxiety cripple me.  I let something I cannot control, the weather, control me completely.  It’s very hypocritical of me to allow it.  I want those who have worked so hard for this event to have the best experience they possibly can.  You plan for 12 months for this one weekend.  And the only thing you cannot control dictates everything. Glass builds beautiful compositions with rewarding climaxes.  That is my fear. No climax for such a beautiful composition.  Forced alienation from family, I start to deteriorate physically and emotionally.  Sleep stops all together.  While everyone comes together to create this magical, life changing experience, I tend to isolate unintentionally. It’s very dark. Kafkaesque. I don’t like it.  But unlike Samsa, I am not trapped in that state of being.  I can choose to leave that state and will do so this year. 

We are imprisoned today. A Josef K day.  But the skies will clear.  The sun will break through.  Opportunity will be everywhere.  And we will have the choice of what we want to do with it.  Josef K was powerless in his plight.  Samsa fell prey to ontology.  Thinking is just a choice. I don’t know what will be in store for us this year weather wise at Hogs, but I have chosen to enjoy whatever it is.  It’s absurd not to.   

Pressing: Music On Vinyl. MOVCL007. 2014.