Depeche Mode – Music for the Masses

Whoever our divine creator may be, probably got a little lazy in his coding after 6 days or whatever was the span of they/them/koala’s coursework.  Infinite new content is very difficult to create; loops are much easier conditions.  What the hell does that have to do with Depeche Mode and this album?  The cold war, totalitarianism and dark wave seem to be back baby!  History repeats itself and will likely do so until the condition is false.

Music for the Masses strays from “DeMo’s” previous works.  They find their voice introducing loops and darker, richer textures. Dave Gahan is so polarizing he has a tendency to overshadow the unheralded genius that is Martin Gore, the creative force of the band.  The album opens with my favorite track of theirs, “Never Let Me Down.”  It gives way to the beautiful Gore led, “The Things You Said” which is better appreciated on their live documentary.  The back half of the album explores Nazism on “Pimpf” [printf(“Yikes!\n”);] and the Vietnam war on “Agent Orange”.  Relevant in content.  Prevalent in structure.  Today, loops and loop artists are their own genre. 

The condition won’t be false for a very long time.  Though dismal, there is a whole lot of beauty in the bleakness. More importantly, there is a lot to learn from history.  Cycles are not only fascinating but can be prosperous too.  They have been for Depeche Mode and can be so for you as well.  And if personal problems, pandemics, and even ska arise, remember,…This too shall pass.  And then again.

Favorite Tracks: “Never Let Me Down Again” “The Things You Said” “Behind the Wheel”

Pressing: Sire – 1-25614, Sire – 9 25614-1, Mute – 1-25614, Mute – 9 25614-1. 1987.  US Original