Daft Punk – Alive 2007

I am 45 years old today.  A younger version of myself, at times, never thought I’d see this day.  But here I am!  I burned the candle very bright in my teens, 20’s and 30’s, but I’ve always been health and body conscious.  Perhaps it’s been about maintaining some control amid the chaos.  I don’t fly as close to the sun anymore, and my focus now is longevity!  I have to keep up with you!  Alive 2007 may be my favorite album to work out to (Fuck Buttons’ Tarot Sport has also been a recent favorite).  The unrelenting tempo is extremely motivating.

My dad has his “Theory of Mutual Combatants.”  His whole adult life, he’s eaten mostly salad and beans for his meals yet throws back wine (and “merlotkas”) and ice cream like tic tacs. He’s 84 now.  The theory is working.  I, too, have treated my body like hot, wet garbage at times; but I also love to challenge it.  At this moment, I have a torn labrum in my shoulder that I’m rehabbing and I can barely walk or sleep because I threw my back out last week deadlifting heavy weight…with a torn labrum.  Why, you ask?  Because I am an idiot.  And like my Daft companions, I think I’m a robot and pain doesn’t apply to me. Admittedly, I have emotional blindspots as well. 

Alive 2007 captures an entire live show by Daft Punk.  Many consider it one of the best live performances.  It’s incredible to listen to but even more astounding to watch given the production value.  The concert is a compilation of all their albums up to that point.  It is an adrenaline pumping sensory explosion.  I encourage you to watch it here.  In 2001, Daft Punk released the single “One More Time” off the album Discovery.  This was the same year my friends and I graduated college and moved back home.  For some reason, we became obsessed with the song because it was catchy, fun and absolutely ridiculous.  We crafted the idea of converting a Mardi Gras float in a truck parade to have a conveyor belt (we actually priced it out at about $250,000 from Laitram. It would never be permitted) and we were going to just lift weights, throw protein bars and play only two songs the whole ride…”One More Time” and “Around the World” (a song just as catchy and even more absurd as it repeats the same 3 words for 7 minutes.  Amazing and perfect for a circle conveyor belt).  We’ve always been about the ridiculous. And pushing absurdity to its extreme.  While that venture wasn’t possible, we still talk about it often and celebrate the hell out of these songs.

Recently, I was playing this album and ‘Primetime of Your Life” came on and you went nuts.  Dancing all over the room.  It was awesome.  Exactly what this album should make you feel.

​​We are human.  But we are part robot too.  There are carbon parts of us that can be programmed. Take care of yourself.  Program, I mean, habitualise positive, productive actions.  Your body and mind will thank you later.   Trust me.

Music’s got me feeling so free/Celebrate and dance so free…One More Time.  And to many more! 

ETA: I’m writing this the night before my birthday.  You just came into my office before bed and told me sadly, “I don’t want you to turn 45.”  I had to promise you I’d live forever to appease you.  Sad but sweet. And human. That pain I feel.

Favorite Tracks: random selection or album as a whole.  It rips.

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