It’s no secret that music is a passion for me. I’ve been very fortunate to incorporate that passion into my career. Some of my earliest memories involve my parents playing records on weekend mornings. That memory ignited a new hobby for me in my twenties. It’s a tradition I now continue with my wife and daughter. Our tradition usually involves Saturday night records, bottles of wine and lots of time in the kitchen!

The main purpose for detailing my collection is for my daughter, Josephine. She is currently 5 years old (2020) and knows she will be inheriting my collection one day. My mom battled cancer for 20+ years and ultimately succumbed to the disease. The records of hers I now possess have allowed me so many ways of resurrecting her past and keeping her with me. These will not be overly critical reviews of the albums but advice for Jojo and an opportunity to learn more about the evolution of musical eras, and the man I am and was before I simply became “Dad.” And of course, hopefully, they will serve as an opportunity to discover some great music! Click on a link and enjoy.