Hogs 2024 – The Lineup

Market Commentary: Extremely challenging year to curate.  Started the earliest we ever had immediately after the conclusion of 2023 knowing the headwinds were prevalent. We’re still not finished.  Easily had the most offers we’ve ever had out.  This lineup has zigged and zagged like a hooked Sheepshead, but I’m excited where we have landed.  Buying power still on the Agent/Artist side.  Makes it extremely challenging for the little guy.  Can see some fellow, smaller indie fests struggling to make it in this environment and economy.  <-> Inverse Market.   Industry is getting further consolidated and monopolized on both agent and promoter (Live Nation, AEG etc) sides.  Nonetheless, our lineup kicks ass so let’s get into it!


Band of Horses: What a grab for us.  Released an amazing, resurgent album last year, Things Are Great. Billing at the top of major festivals.  Co-headlining a nice tour w The Revivalists this year.  Pretty amazing to see a band navigate early aughts indie to an amazing rock band in the 2020’s.  Always will be pegged as “The Funeral” band…but hell, one of the best songs ever to come out this century.  I think this set is going to be one of the best we ever see.  I missed BoH play Jazz Fest a little over a decade ago and remember everyone remarking how it was by far the set of the day.  Just amazing live energy.  Many years ago I remember thinking, “it would be a dream to have Band of Horses play Hogs one day.” 

Shane Smith & The Saints: Prob one of the most asked “When are yall going to book…” acts I get.  I don’t watch TV outside of sports so I’m not familiar with Yellowstone but I know the band has exploded because of that show.  To get an idea of how big the band is, currently billing higher than fest darling Gary Clark Jr these days.  Prob most often compared to Turnpike Troubadours.  New album coming out in March 2024 I think could push them to TT levels.  They currently sell out multiple night shows at Red Rocks.


The Record Company: An act I’ve flirted with booking over the last few years.  Wanted to bring more blues rock to the table this year.  Released a great album this year, The 4th Album, which I think brings them back to their top form.  I’m still booking this stage but will round out with some more blues rock that will keep the ass in grass all day at the Titos stage.

Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country: Keeps ascending and deservedly so.  Really happy we were able to get him back for another year.  New album, released this month, Reflector is outstanding. Another major up and comer, great picker on guitar.  Gram Parsons, Byrds, etc.  Saving Country named him the best guitar player in country music.  Really cool article from Guitar.com HERE He’ll be sitting in with other acts as well. 

Grace Bowers (Artist at Large): 17 year old guitar impresario.  She will be massive.  This will prob be our next major breakout star.  She was introduced at Newport Folk Fest last year…see Rolling Stone article pasted below.  Artist at Large a new concept for us.  She will sit in with multiple acts over the weekend.

Teenage Whiz Grace Bowers Graces the Smallest Newport Stage She’ll Ever Play

Guitar phenom Grace Bowers celebrated her 17th birthday with a brief, transcendent side-stage instrumental set on Sunday afternoon. Backed by a crack trio that included Deer Tick’s Chris Ryan, Joshua Blaylock, and Brandon Combs, the Nashville-based teen — who guested at a John Prine tribute show and collaborated with Valerie June the day before — riffed and soloed through a mix of jazz-inflected, jammy blues-rock instrumentals that never meandered into shredding for shredding’s sake. Performing barefoot, the guitarist barely said a word during a set, nor did she need to: Her twenty-minute performance gave the distinct sense that everyone lucky enough to have attended was witnessing a star in the making.  

Tanner Usrey: Blowing Up.  There was so much good country music this year.  Played sold out (or close to) show Nola in Fall.  Couldn’t make it so sent our booking agent.  Got the call intra show, “we have to book him now.  He’s a star.”  I always love that call.  It’s rare.

Drayton Farley: Another country artist that is quickly gaining a large following. I was introduced to him via 2023 album, Twenty On High. It is EXCEPTIONAL.  Like many, I thought “Is this a Jason Isbell cover band?” The album and his vocals are so similar to Isbell’s Southeastern and even features the 400 Unit as backing band, Drayton is from AL, and they have the same producer.  But after frequent listens and getting into his other stuff, you quickly separate the two.  Just another fantastic singer songwriter.

Briscoe: Almost booked last year but held off and glad I did as their debut LP was released this year and it’s fantastic.  One of my most listened to albums.  Band immediately draws comparisons to Caamp (little Hogs trivia for you, we were Caamp’s first festival).  In fact, album was produced by Caamp’s producer.  Track “The Well” has been in Sirius Spectrum Spotlight constantly.  Opened for Dave Matthews Band this year on his big tour.  

Eggy: What came first, the Goose or the Egg?  In this case, Goose def came before Eggy but the band draws alot of comparison.  I don’t pretend to be the foremost authority in Jam or Jam fusion but this band kept getting frequent mentions in all the Goose and Phish forums.  Had to start listening.  Glad I did.  Gonna be awesome. Currently touring on a Daniel Donato/ Eggy double bill.  That’s a jam.

Cole Chaney: I like to ask bands, “who are you listening to/loving right now?”  Charles Wesley Godwin turned me on to Cole last year.  Godwin said he’s the most impressive act he’s been on road with in awhile.  Has unique ability to play lead guitar and sing.  Kentucky native, amazing lyricist.  Cole, Drayton and Tanner just a powerhouse of upcoming country singer songwriters.

The Mountain Grass Unit: If you like Bluegrass, we got a treat for you.  These kids (literally fresh out of high school) are tearing it up.  Found them in the Billy Strings forums.  Then noticed them on the Winter Wondergrass bill…knew I had to grab them before we couldn’t afford to.  One listen to “Shoot the Gun” and you know they got the chops.  Great picking.  So young, if they can stick with it…sky’s the limit.  Out of Birmingham, AL.

The Ries Brothers: Another Band who’s been opening for DMB and Big Something.  Has that Black Keys/Royal Blood two piece guitar/drums vibe.  Blues rock that infuses a little funk and even reggae at times.

Yasmin Williams: What a talent.  Amazing, unique finger picking guitarist.  You need to take some time and listen to her.  Unlike anything out there the way she uses the guitar.  I was traveling thru ATL airport in a trance as I was listening to her while navigating that madness.  I’m strung high like a Least Weasel, and she can calm me down.  Beautiful, beautiful stuff.  Good listens for any amateur mycologists out there…

The Iceman Special: New Orleans’ best band.  I think this may be their 5th Hogs.  Get ready for the laser show!

Gyasi: We need more Glam Rock in the modern age.  Gyasi (“Jossy”) is a marriage of T-Rex, New York Dolls and Zeppelin.  Another artist who kept popping up in YouTube Vinyl Community.  Just listen to him.  This set will be incredible.

Jive Talk: Polarizing. Lead Singer has it whatever that it may be.  Reminds me of a young Future Islands, who also have polarizing lead singer.  DO NOT MISS THIS SET.  You want this energy in your life.  It’s outside the Hogs box but in a good way.  Check out these vids: Trashcan Heart, Colin 


Local Acts

Deltaphonic: Funk, Soul, Blues. Paul from the Earphunk on guitar. Loving what they’ve put out so far.

Chris Christy Quintet:  You’ve prob seen them around before.  Very cool sound.  Rob Krieger (WVUE Fox news who prob captures the nola music scene the best on camera) said “Becker, you gotta listen to them but you gotta do it live.”  Well, Hogs is your chance.  Give their new album a listen on Bandcamp. Amazing guitar, violin and cello.  Soak it in…

More Local Acts to come

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