Hogs 2023: The Lineup

I don’t think we could put together a better “Core Hogs Sound” line-up than what we have this year.  Every box is checked.  Every base is covered.  I’m never fully satisfied with any lineup, but once I listened thru the playlist a couple of times, I must say we got some great stuff here.  It’s a fantastic, deep bill.  Below is the breakdown…


St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Sat Closer.  Don’t think I have to say much here.  Everyone is prob very familiar.  Pure AL soul/rock.  Really enjoyed their last album as they got out of their comfort zone and really expanded their sound.  Should be a great show to take us home.

The Devon Allman Project featuring JoJo Hermann of Widespread Panic with Special Guests George Porter Jr. and Anders Osborne: Gotten in a real groove on these Fri night collabs and this should be another special one.  Devon, son of Gregg, will do Allman and originals.  JoJo will play the entire set and should be a banger.  Cant wait to see what Anders and George mix in.


Charles Wesley Godwin: Already ascending to Superstar status.  Currently touring with Zach Bryan around the country (I think he’s better than Zach).  His latest album How The Mighty Fall  is simply incredible.  It was a late year 2021 album so it’s just now starting to boom.  My go-to internet site for country is Saving Country Music…they named this album the best Album of 2021.  As it deserves.  His previous album Seneca is just as good.  He can very easily reach Sturgill, Tyler and TT heights…

Bartees Strange: This guy is a genre bending force.  Indie rock, americana, R&B…its’ all there.  When his new album came out earlier this year, I listened once and thought “I have to get this guy.”  He was the first act booked.  Last week I was listening to Jenny Eliscu interview Phoebe Bridgers (arguably one of the biggest rock stars currently) and she asked Phoebe if there was an act that opened for her that blew her away….her response, “YES! Bartees Strange!” So that’s a big nod there.  Good, MASSIVE WaPo article on him here He’s on a ton of Critics Best Album of 2021 Lists.  Big grab for us.

Shinyribs: One of the best live shows out there.  Formerly The Gourds, Shinyribs is a much deeper, expanded arrangement.  Probably at the top of the list of the “When are you gonna book……” questions every year.  Well, finally got em.  Dont ask me about “Gin & Juice”  I think Kevin has retired it.  The name, their sound…doesn’t get much more Hogs than that.

The Sheepdogs: Everything that’s missing from music right now.  The best southern rock band in the world…from Canada.  Their 2022 album Outta Sight is one of my fav albums of the year.  It just feels good.  People forget this band was once on the cover of Rolling Stone. Review

The Heavy Heavy: Prob the prime candidate for “I saw them at Hogs before they got huge” Rock/Psych/Blues from Brighton UK.  Dominated the Top 5 spots on the Album and Singles Americana charts this year.  Outpaced just about any huge band in the genre you can think of.  Beautiful sound and harmonies.  Cool NME article here.

The Wilder Blue: The artisan’s Alabama (the band).  Fantastic guitars, banjo rolls, bluegrass notes and gorgeous harmonies.  Becoming the premier Texas country act.  Great article here

Ian Noe: On most critics “Album of the Year” contender list.  Very gifted singer songwriter/storyteller.  Hybrid of Bob Dylan and John Prine.  Read this Review

The Deslondes:  Was very happy to see them back together with a phenomenal new album.  This will be our second time having them at Hogs.  Cant wait.

Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country: Another major up and comer, great picker on guitar.  Kids got serious talent and its starting to get noticed.  Gram Parsons, Byrds, etc.  Saving Country named him the best guitar player in country music.  Really cool article from Guitar.com HERE He’ll be sitting in with other acts as well.  111k insta followers…like 10 more than me.

Jackie Venson: We have alot of guitar shredders on the bill this year.  Jackie could very well be the best.  Blues Rock.  Shares the stage often with Gary Clark Jr.  Austin Music Awards named last years Vintage MachineAlbum of the Year (bested Charley Crockett)

J & The Causeways: Include Jordan in the National scene as he has really grown over last year. Now has major management.  Selling out shows around the South (sold out Tips last month with no promos).  Great to see a local artist breaking out.

Zach Person: The self appointed “new face of guitar rock.”  Very Gary Clark Jr. ish, raw blues rock.  Maturing as an artist and its showing as he’s starting alot of big festival bills.

Tomar & The FC’s: FANTASTIC high powered Soul out of TX.  Put on an amazing show

Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band: This kid is special.  I watch way too much Vinyl Community on YouTube.  Rarely do the main pundits chat about contemporary music.  However, once 3 of those I most respect each made vids lauding his latest album Music Is Dead, I had to check it out.  Psych is not even one of my top 5 genres yet this album FLOORED me…and continues to do so with each subsequent listen.  Unbelievable given his age and he DIY’d the album in his house during Covid.  Read any review out there, they’re all glowing.  Here’s one chosen at random.  The album cover is amazing as well. 

Local Acts

Dark Side of the Swamp featuring Mike Dillon: Honey Island Swamp Band + Mike Dillon + Horns play Pink Floyd.  Don’t need to say much more there.  Should be memorable…if you can remember anything at that point.

Andrew Duhon: Absolutely love his new album Emerald Blue. Do not know how he’s not bigger nationally.  Such a talented singer/songwriter.

The Stooges Brass Band: Classic Nola Brass.  Havent played Hogs since Hogs IV.

Watson: Love the sound.  Very Dr. Dog ish.  

Zita: ROCK.  Shades of Led but not in a horrible Greta Van Fleet way.


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