Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun

Fact 1) This is the WORST pressing I own.  It sounds terrible!  This makes me weep because I bought it for Sweet’s incredible guitar work.  Fact 2) The title, 100% Fun, was taken from Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, “life is no longer 100% fun.” Fact 3) Riding that sentiment, Sweet sardonically titled the album “100%… Continue reading Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun

The Cure – Disintegration

I recently saw The Cure live for the first time; and I’m in a rush to get those feelings, thoughts and memories onto proverbial paper before they escape.  I’ve been a casual fan of the band.  I enjoy many of their singles, and I greatly enjoy this album.  In fact, I think it’s one of… Continue reading The Cure – Disintegration

Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon

Some of us are drawn to darker lights. I am one of them.  Your teenage dad tore through all of Kurt Vonnegut and Bukowski’s works, was hooked on Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and laughed hysterically through American Psycho.  However, It wasn’t until the last decade that I really discovered my mercurial, drunkard, hilarious, arrogant, obnoxious,… Continue reading Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon

A-Ha – Hunting High And Low

It’s 1995.  My U-16 soccer team, the Lafreniere Hurricanes, had just lost our second consecutive tournament final.  Spirits were low and changes needed to be made.  The team was solid, but we needed something to get us over the hump.  And I found it.  I don’t remember exactly why but I took out my Yellow… Continue reading A-Ha – Hunting High And Low

Jeff Buckley – Grace

Each person possesses an album that can deliver them to a vivid memory or a meaningful encounter. Songs are scents in the sense that they can evoke worlds, specific places, and moments, bringing them to mind with great clarity.  My two cents. I was first introduced to Jeff Buckley in the summer of 1999, not… Continue reading Jeff Buckley – Grace

XTC – Drums and Wires

“Hey Nigel!  Come here Nigel!”  Kids are weird.  Hell, we all are.  When your Uncles and I were younger, we used to call each other so many different names.  Some were obvious in their intentions to hurt and others were simply ridiculous.  For some reason, we always called your Uncle Mitchell…“Nigel.”  I know for fact… Continue reading XTC – Drums and Wires

Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud

Much of modern music feels completely plastic and disposable these days.  I know that sounds very NIMBY and “get off my lawn” of me, which very well may be the case. As a flawed human being constantly looking inward and harping on loss: personal, youth, or innocence, Saint Cloud not only manages to be relatable… Continue reading Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud

Pixies – Doolittle

“You don’t listen to the Pixies? I think you’d really like them.”  I had heard that question and statement so many times in my life.  I was very familiar with most of their more “popular” songs but had never felt compelled to dig in.  It wasn’t until around 2010 when a girlfriend at the time… Continue reading Pixies – Doolittle