Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun

Fact 1) This is the WORST pressing I own.  It sounds terrible!  This makes me weep because I bought it for Sweet’s incredible guitar work.  Fact 2) The title, 100% Fun, was taken from Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, “life is no longer 100% fun.” Fact 3) Riding that sentiment, Sweet sardonically titled the album “100%… Continue reading Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun

Jeff Buckley – Grace

Each person possesses an album that can deliver them to a vivid memory or a meaningful encounter. Songs are scents in the sense that they can evoke worlds, specific places, and moments, bringing them to mind with great clarity.  My two cents. I was first introduced to Jeff Buckley in the summer of 1999, not… Continue reading Jeff Buckley – Grace

R.E.M. – Out of Time

The most polarizing song of the 90’s?  No doubt one of the biggest hits.  But what if I told you that the song has been completely misinterpreted by the masses since its release.  “Shiny Happy People” is really about depression?  Whoops.  Not that one.  I’m talking about “Losing My Religion.” R.E.M.’s 5 minute magnum opus… Continue reading R.E.M. – Out of Time

Guster – Goldfly

1997, Jesuit High School Senior Year.  This was a very seminal year for me musically.  There was a heavy rotation in the 5 disc changer of Bad Religion, Faith No More, Weezer, 311 (eek), Dave Matthews Band (ugh) and Ben Folds Five.  Every morning I would drive your Uncle Mitchell and your “Uncle” Rene to… Continue reading Guster – Goldfly