Philip Glass – Solo Piano

It’s Sunday Morning and we will be getting rain all day long.  Close to 3 inches.  Sunday mornings call for one type of album while Rainy Days call for another, albeit similar for my tastes.  We’re 3 weeks to Hogs.  This isn’t the weather to put that anxiety at ease.  El Nino has been its… Continue reading Philip Glass – Solo Piano

10,000 Maniacs – In My Tribe

Covid Albums Part 2.  I’m unsure if it was just my oedipal response to the crisis or personal fear, but I spent the beginning of covid listening to mostly female fronted groups.  Lucinda Williams, First Aid Kit, LP, Emmylou Harris and most of all 10,000 Maniacs, specifically their MTV Unplugged album, an album that mystifies… Continue reading 10,000 Maniacs – In My Tribe

The Cure – Disintegration

I recently saw The Cure live for the first time; and I’m in a rush to get those feelings, thoughts and memories onto proverbial paper before they escape.  I’ve been a casual fan of the band.  I enjoy many of their singles, and I greatly enjoy this album.  In fact, I think it’s one of… Continue reading The Cure – Disintegration

A-Ha – Hunting High And Low

It’s 1995.  My U-16 soccer team, the Lafreniere Hurricanes, had just lost our second consecutive tournament final.  Spirits were low and changes needed to be made.  The team was solid, but we needed something to get us over the hump.  And I found it.  I don’t remember exactly why but I took out my Yellow… Continue reading A-Ha – Hunting High And Low

Pixies – Doolittle

“You don’t listen to the Pixies? I think you’d really like them.”  I had heard that question and statement so many times in my life.  I was very familiar with most of their more “popular” songs but had never felt compelled to dig in.  It wasn’t until around 2010 when a girlfriend at the time… Continue reading Pixies – Doolittle

The Replacements – Tim

Punks, drunks, and flunks. We have arrived at the first installment from one of my favorite bands, The Replacements (lovingly referred to as The Mats by fans, short for Placemats).  What’s so punk about The Replacements is they don’t lay behind a constructed facade.  They are wed to personal meanings and convictions.  The Stinson guitars… Continue reading The Replacements – Tim