Dr. John – Gris Gris

In the mood for a Hogs story?  Yea, you’ve probably heard enough.  So how about a Dogs story?  Hogs 4, March 2012.  What a year.  We had moved to our 3rd location and second within City Park aka City Pork.  We had somehow managed to convince the Park to let us turn the Frisbee Golf… Continue reading Dr. John – Gris Gris

The Beatles – Abbey Road

Where does one start with The Beatles? Let’s begin at the end.  Technically, Let It Be was released (1970) after Abbey Road (1969), but Let It Be was recorded before AB. Allegedly, the Fab Four were in a lengthy fight over the mix for LIB. Abbey Road is a confusing album to me.  It seems so… Continue reading The Beatles – Abbey Road