Around the beginning of November, I had to halt lifting weights due to what was believed to be a Brachioradialis sprain in one arm. The downtime was supposed to be 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, it is looking more like a tear and will require PT. It has not improved at all and I can barely lift a glass of water. On top of that, sadly I took my own advice and powered thru the pain I was feeling on my runs and, well, not good. I’m not sure what’s going on yet but I can’t put much weight on my legs as my heels and feet feel like pins all day. “The kids called me Mr. Glass!” I don’t think this injury is as severe as my arm so will keep giving it time. However, the combo of both has really limited my resources for any sort of challenges of dexterity or physical….which was to be the bulk. Purely mental challenges are not far enough outside of my comfort zone and would not be fair. So I’m going to pause for a bit until I feel I’m 100% and ready to roll again. It’s upsetting but just a different kind of challenge to face. Stay Tuned!

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