Challenge 1: Replacing Electric Plug on Receiver

November 1: I don’t trust myself with electronics and I have very little dexterity. That’s being kind. I wanted to set up my parents’ 50+ year old JVC R-S7 Receiver in my house. I have already had their record player restored after my mother passed. It’s our primary record player at home. Back to the receiver. In a strong feat of patience, none, my dad drilled through his cabinets at our family house so he could get the receiver’s plug into an outlet. He drilled a ridiculously tiny hole 42 years ago (my parents moved into our family house the day I was born. Doesn’t sound stressful at all) so he had already cut the wire once and replaced the plug. Now it was my turn. Using scissors, I cut the wire and extracted the receiver. Then, I only needed a wire cutter to peel back the outer cord and a plug bought for less than a dollar at Home Depot. I unscrewed the plug, tethered the wires and re-screwed the plug. Done. It worked! This was ridiculously simple despite my lack of knowledge in this area. Confidence is high. May have to go play 9 holes to come back down to reality.

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