7: Tire Plug

More fun with plugs! Hurricanes and low interest rates lead to a plethora of house building and home repairs. I currently show 3 houses per block on my street either going up or being repaired, so it was no shock when I discovered a nail in my tire. It’s gotten very difficult to find a full-service gas station that plugs tires these days and the cost has gone up to about $30 a plug. Now, we purchase insurance on our tires for this situation but you have to leave your car at the shop all day due to demand for all other incidents. Therefore, I headed to a nearby Autozone and purchased a kit for $10 that comes with all the tools needed and about 6 plugs. This was another dexterity challenge for me and, as I am beginning to find a pattern, was remarkably easy. The hardest part was removing the nail because it ended up being a small screw. I ended up extracting it with my Opinel no. 8 knife. Cleared and made the hole a little bigger and plugged the sucker. Done in 5 minutes. So if you’re reading this and have a nail in your tire, give me a call or try it yourself. Saves time and money!

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