4: Back in the Cardio Game

The initial Covid lockdown forced me out of the gym. Truthfully, I was ready for a break. I’d been lifting weights pretty religiously for the last 20 years. Because the gym wasn’t an option I got into long walks and riding a Peloton bike. I really don’t like cardio. Any form of it. After about a year, my wife remarked that I had lost too much weight. She was right, so I switched gears again. I installed a weight room in my office and got back to lifting. It felt great! The downside is I couldn’t make time now for cardio. I love how weightlifting makes me feel mentally and physically but I truly believe cardio is better for overall health, and I am beginning to feel well out of shape. So I’m starting small with the hopes that I can progress to something as miserable as perhaps a half marathon at the end of the year. 30 min walk completed. Baby steps…

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