3: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Sadly, I have probably watched 10 movies in the last 10 years. I do not watch TV unless it’s sports. Or Bluey. I have an opportunity cost, productivity guilt complex. However, I need to get past that because I firmly believe that films and all other art mediums (books, music, paintings, etc) can be not only inspiring and cathartic but also release cerebral creativity within ourselves. Today I am hopping back on the movie wagon with the hopes that today’s film helps me grow in some manner.

Recently, I had dinner with some friends and told them about this endeavor I was planning. We were discussing movies and, of course, I had nothing to share (Road House!) One of my friends suggested we watch the documentary on Fred Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” He challenged us all to watch and not be moved by it. I used to love documentaries. My wife and my relationship was founded upon them. I love reading biographies. I can still vividly remember the warmth Mr. Rogers provided me in my childhood. So I should be able to sit still and enjoy this right?

The answer was…yes. This movie is a beautiful depiction of an eccentric iconoclast. Fred Rogers put passion into action with the sole purpose of trying to build a successful life foundation for children. Not for money. Not for likes or any other dopamine release. Full of determination and ambition, Fred Rogers would “do what was necessary to get it.” Fred would ask people to “take one minute and think about that special person that encouraged you to be the best version of you and helped get you where you are today.” Pretty powerful exercise. I know it was for me. Now it’s time to enjoy sweater weather.

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