22: Louisiana Rambles: Andouille Country

About a decade ago, I read New Orleans Advocate Food Critic Ian McNulty’s book Louisiana Rambles and really enjoyed it. I was floored by the fact that I’ve lived in Louisiana for most of my life and have really slacked in enjoying many of the state’s cultural riches. I’ve been too bound by New Orleans metro. I have always planned on tackling his rambles so now is the time to start. I knew I wanted to make a Turkey and Sausage gumbo with the leftovers but I needed the state’s finest Andouille Sausage to kick it up a notch. Off to LaPlace, I went. I used Ian’s work as my guide.

The first stop was Jacob’s. Grabbed a massive link and some boudin. Then walked over to Bailey’s and grabbed another link. The amount of options you can purchase in these two small stores is staggering. I will be back for more…. Wayne Jacobs was my last stop but, unfortunately, they took a beating from Hurricane Ida and were still doing repairs. They should be open by December thankfully.

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