2: A Deep Cut

My father had my brothers and me mowing lawns at a very young age. I mow the lawn at my own house to this day. We have a very small front yard and a pool in the back with no surrounding grass. Therefore, I am able to get away with an electric mower, and I don’t want gas cans lying around the house and my family. So where’s the challenge?

It’s been a couple of months since Hurricane Ida…the backyard at our office in Mid City New Orleans has yet to be cut. As you can see in the pics below, it looks like the rough at the British Open. We’re still battling insurance on the fencing and other hurricane-related issues. Our regular mower made off like my prom dates and ghosted us and due to demand, we simply could not get anyone out there. The building is owned by my partner and me so it’s our responsibility. We have a duty to our neighbors and our properties. It’s hard to work in a blighted environment. Order vs. Chaos. This had been a weight in the back of my head for months now and had to be rectified. I woke up at 5 am to get some work in because I knew it would take a few hours in the yard as the grass and weeds were anywhere from 2 to 4 feet at this point. I took my gas mower out of retirement from my dad’s house and got to work around 8 am. I had to take about 5 passes with the weed eater to get the grass down to a cuttable length. Once I got to the mowing, I started on the highest setting and had to hover the mower in the air for 2 cuts so it wouldn’t cut out from being unable to circulate. Finally, I got a clean cut in at the highest level then paused for an hour to let the grass dry and, hopefully, not die from carbon monoxide poisoning. I made a few more passes at the lower settings. Obstacle and yard cleared; a justifiable business expense missed but a major weight lifted. All in all, it took about 4 hours. Sadly, the blighted property behind us is still standing. Bonus: I survived and am breathing clean air.

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