17: Open an Egg with One Hand

Who doesn’t want to be able to do this? There is no harder flex in the breakfast kitchen than the one-handed egg break. Practice: Take 2 ping pong balls or golf balls and stick a quarter between them. Separate the two to release the coin while keeping control of the balls in hand. Now you’re ready for eggs. The key to this whole movement is actually the crack of the egg. I had better results on a flat surface than rounded. You want a firm crack but not too strong or the shells will fall into your cooking apparatus. Also, you want to keep your yolk intact so release low. It took me about 5 eggs but I’ve got it down pat now. Even more priceless was my daughter’s reaction when I nailed it. Chicks dig the long ball…and the one handed egg break. I hope to get some footage of it soon.

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