13: More Fun, Less Stressed at Work

We often joke that Hogs for the Cause is a marathon full of sprints. If there isn’t chaos 24/7…then things are not going well! Managing the entropy is difficult, and I really struggle to enjoy the event as a result. Whether it be worrying about patron experience, team satisfaction, revenue, risk, musician and stage logistics and all other sorts of liability, lost in there is just how fun festivals and events can be. I like to think I’m like The Stranger in the Big Lebowski, “taking it easy for all you sinners” or some degree of that, but I’m not taking it easy at all! Typically, I do not eat, my stomach is in knots, and I won’t sleep the entire week. My wife purposely avoids me because I’m so rigid and short. Where’s the fun in that?

We took part in Holy Smokes BBQ festival in Charleston, SC this weekend. While we were not wholly operating the fest, there is always that worrying sense of what can go wrong in the back of my head. I challenged myself to lose that mental voice and just enjoy the event, the beauty of the location, and the people we were with because there were a lot of amazing folks who came together to make this inaugural festival a reality. Was I able to let loose and enjoy it? Verdict: it was another example of just how easy some challenges can be. We had a blast! Can’t wait for Hogs in April!

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