11: Mile High Old Fashioned

At one point in my career, I was spending so much time on airplanes or in airports that I mistakenly thought I was in Paris when I was actually in Las Vegas. What’s that got to do with Old Fashioneds? Either a lot or nothing at all. But I am always dismayed with the drink selection when flying. A few years ago, my mother in law had given me this sweet little airplane mixing kit that I had yet to use. See below. Well, today I had a bunch of challenges ahead to make the perfect mile high old fashioned.

Challenge 1: The bourbon was initially confiscated at TSA but being that each vile was under 2ozs, they had to give it back. I thought I was in the clear! We flew Breeze to Charleston, our only direct flight option. It was fantastic. Wheels up to wheels down in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Can’t say enough good things about Breeze. Once we got to stable altitude, I got a cup of ice and started making the drink. Challenge 2: the simple syrup congealed at high altitude and I could not pry enough out. Therefore, I mixed the bitters and whatever I could get out of the simple syrup vile. Poured some Buffalo Trace on top. Gave her a swirl. Added the ice. And voila! Time to imbibe the mile high old fashioned and…..it was awful. Dreadful. Disgusting. Just a heavy mix of bitters and bourbon. Challenge 3: finishing the drink because, one, it was awful and, two, the flight attendant promptly alerted me that drinking alcohol on the plane was prohibited. Down the hatch!!

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